Ever thought about saving the world one meal at a time? Well read my journey to get a sneak peek into the life of an up-and-coming vegan.


Why would anyone want to go vegan?

Let’s start with the selfish reasons:

Jump starts your immune and digestive system.

 Increases your energy.

Slims you down.

 Fights disease.


Now let’s think bigger than ourselves.


The Humane Reason:

Saves animals.

Conserves water.

Combats world hunger.

Reduces your carbon footprint.

My heart knew going vegan was the right thing to do, but I didn’t want to fail. I didn’t want to crack and break the diet, and I didn’t want to binge on carbs all day either.  I wanted to find a balance and experience what a vegan lifestyle had to offer. So I embarked upon on a 30-day vegan challenge.

So did I survive?


Well I’m writing this, so I guess I already gave it away.

The following is a diary series from the 30-Day Challenge:

Day one

Make meal plan – get grocery list- go shopping- stalk up.

Goal: don’t starve to death or pass out.

Day five

Saying  “oh is that vegan?” actually makes me feel good. It automatically tells people I care enough about animals and the environment to sacrifice my lifestyle and eating habits. I did have trouble finding something I could eat at Starbucks the other day.. which was sad. Looks like I need to stalk menus before I grab dinner with my friends or swing by to grab food somewhere to make sure I can modify my options, making them vegan friendly. It’s worth it though! Definitely feels good to say I’m trying a 30-day vegan challenge!

Side note: I am deeply craving chocolate. It’s fine. I’m fine. I’m not crying. You’re crying.

Day ten

Is going vegan similar to a placebo effect? I feel like I have more energy… but do I really? Well one thing’s for sure, I don’t feel sluggish after I eat anymore. I don’t want to crawl in bed or lay on the couch. I want to go for a walk or play with my dog, and that alone makes me feel great.

Goodbye bloating, hello veganism.

Day fifteen

I am obsessed with cooking vegan meals and baking vegan desserts. It’s challenging and rewarding, for two reasons. 1. I feel proud of myself for making these beautiful colorful meals and baking delicious vegan treats. 2. My mind and body are in sync. Both feel amazing after I consume anything I cook.

The downside of cooking vegan meals:

Dinners have been taking up to 2 hours.. This could be due to bad planning on my part. Perhaps I should start meal prepping? Or picking recipes that don’t take as long? I need to come up with a solution because it’s taking away from me pretending I have a life.


Save the worldone meal at a time

Day twenty

I am sincerely impressed with how well the restaurant industry has kept up with veganism. Today I wanted to explore the best vegan restaurants in Los Angeles. This might of put a hole in my wallet but oh well. YOLO right? You only letgoofmeatanddairy once.

Day twenty five

Still in a food-coma from LA. I’ll get back to you.

Day thirty.

30-DAYS IS COMPLETE. I feel so many emotions right now.

Proud, happy, excited, energized, motivated, the list goes on.

I cannot believe I thought this was “too hard” to try. Don’t get me wrong there were times when I wanted pizza but I can honestly say those carvings went away after the first week. I am ecstatic that I completed my 30-day vegan challenge.

So now what?

You got it. I’m extending my challenge. Let’s see if I can complete another 30-days. I want to see more results and connect with more people who are part of the Vegan community! And to all those thinking about trying a 30-Day Challenge..let me be your motivation- you got this!