Hey, funny seeing you here!

My name is Kayla, or as my friends refer to me, KK. I usually respond to either. I’m originally from Massachusetts. And before you stop reading this because you think Tom Brady’s my dad, “my cars pahked in some hahvahd yahd” or I have a wicked strong Boston accent, let me clarify. I’m from a small suburb in western mass. I raised baby goats growing up, and the closest mall was 40 minutes out. Ok, the baby goats thing is a lie. But my town was tiny. That’s right, I’m a small town girl, with big city- ideas? goals? hopes? Something like that.
Ever since I was a kid, I had big eyes and an even bigger vision. I was plotting my escape to California since I was five and realized buses drove across the country. My plan was put on hold until I turned eighteen and flew straight from Massachusetts to San Diego, California. I attended San Diego State University- an experience that truly changed my life. School taught me a lot: changing majors was normal, falling in love for the first time was special and most importantly, following your gut was critical.
My “gut” and head didn’t always line up however. All these voices in my head kept telling me who and what I should be, and I foolishly kept listening to them. It wasn’t until I got a *life coach that I learned your gut will always outweigh your head. Your gut is your intuition, your soul. That thing that somehow knows what you want.
So what did I want? Well. I think I want what most people want (besides a million dogs). My life coach articulated it best: a sense of inner comfort. This can be translated to trusting your m—– f—— gut.
So how does that look? Like showing up every day as your authentic self (which ain’t easy, especially when your authentic self decides to have a panic attack in the middle of a super market). It means standing up for the things you believe in and trusting that the universe has your back. Everything on my blog is something I truly believe in, and I’m so grateful I get to share it here with you! I write for me, but I also write for you. I write to connect with you and to give you a glimpse into what it looks like when I “fail forward” and try and trust my gut. This should be fun. 
*life coach = therapist for those scared of the T-word.