Congratulations! You’ve made it 2018.

Who’s ready to make this the best year yet? And for those of you saying, “New Year, Same Bullshit,” I’m here to tell you something – We don’t need that kind of negativity in our lives. First of all, it might be new bullshit- so be somewhat excited.

A new year gives you the chance to let go of all the negativity and bad energy you felt in 2017. Something significant happens when the clock strikes 12 AM, and we fall into a new year. You now have the motivation to set new goals and re-evaluate old ones. Make new friends and nurture the old ones. Learn to let go and move forward. A new year, means a new chapter in the book, and it’s not too late to rewrite a few pages.

It’s not too late to forgive- yourself and others. Stop being so hard on yourself, stop comparing yourself, stop feeling like you don’t measure up, or didn’t meet your resolutions from 2017. You learn, and you grow. Progress comes in all shapes and sizes and may not even seem visible at first. 2018 is the year to show yourself love and support and surround yourself with only the best.

If something is holding you back, find a way to disable it.Things change, people change, YOU change; and it’s ok to admit you may be on a different path than those that seemed so close to you at one point. Being able to detect what relationships are toxic is a powerful skill to have. And if there’s still anger trapped inside of you, figure out a way to release it.

There’s nothing worse than holding a grudge. It eats away at you like maggots gnawing on leftover bones. Ask yourself why you’re still angry about something that happened years ago? (unless someone slept with your significant other – then take that shit to the grave with you).

But seriously, it’s unhealthy, and you’re doing yourself a disservice. No good comes from holding a grudge. You’re not proving a point – maybe to yourself you are, but even then you’re only showing that you hold onto animosity longer than most.

Don’t be afraid to let it go and don’t let your pride keep you from re-evaluating a situation or forgiving someone. Learning how to be flexible is one of the best skills you can have. There’s a difference between being salty versus experiencing a deep feeling of rage toward someone. Wouldn’t you rather spend that energy on bettering yourself? Be strong and recognize what you do and don’t deserve. And if anyone tries to bring you down send them a copy of *NSYNC’s track (bye, bye, bye).

2018 is your year to conquer. It’s not too late to ‘do the damn thing.’ I hope this article inspires at least one person to think positively about the upcoming 12 months- you got this!

My last piece of advice: don’t burn bridges, don’t wish bad upon others & don’t look directly into the solar eclipse.