Let’s Talk Vibes: East vs. West

I attempt to expose the differences between east and west coast 'vibes' from my personal experiences, relationships and…

whose site am I on again?

My name is Kayla Nicole; welcome to my space! Most of my thoughts live right here on this domain. A few things you should know about me: I’m from the east coast but now chasing my dreams in California, if I had to pick cats vs. dogs? kids vs. dogs? people vs. dogs? DOGS always win. Farmers markets are kind of my thing. My favorite food is donut.. donut(s)? yeah, donuts. I’m addicted to self-help books, and I’m always down to tear up the dance floor or watch a rom-com. Bridesmaids still gets me.

I love creating, collaborating and connecting with people so I created this space to share that with you. Kick your shoes off and stay a while-Hopefully something inspires you along the way!

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